Stephen Austin

Observe the natural world. Patterns duplicate themselves in infinite possibilities. Pour cream into black tea and witness the same ever-changing whorl of clouds as those on Jupiter. The geometric path of a subatomic particle traverses a perfect spiral. See the blue spark of a firefly and witness the spark which ignites our universe. Clear sight and a quiet mind is all that is needed. In a blink we pass through eons, to revisit the point of origin and relive it all again. Watch the eternal unfold before you from this perfect vantage point, from this Earth.

Stephen Austin attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, as well as the Atlanta College of Art.

Stephen’s paintings earned best of show and a one-man show at the annual Littleton Museum in 2016. Steve took part of a group show at the Brighton Armory in 2017, and exhibited two one-man shows — Nonlinear Realities and The Atmosphere — at Valkarie Gallery, Lakewood, Colorado in 2017 and 2019, repectively.

Pricing: A full price list for individual works of art on this website may be obtained upon request via the Contact Page. Include the titles of the art in subject line of your email.
All paintings come framed with a matt-black, light weight pine. Shipping is by UPS and cost will vary, depending upon distance, size and weight.