Stephen Austin


I consider all objects of the Natural World with an equal level of scrutiny and importance. I look for patterns, geometries and coded redundancies that echo throughout our universe, be they as microscopic as spiral path of a subatomic particle, or as massive as the entire visual universe itself. Scale is meaningless. The energy that we observe expanding our physical universe is of the same source as the energy that illuminates the tail of a firefly. No one action is mundane. All actions are sublime. The depiction of this energy is core goal of my art.

Of Technical Note

I generally work at a large scale, which compliments the visual impact tremendously. Indeed it is this initial impact, often perceived from a distance, which draws the viewer into the work where a more intimate connection between observer and the observed is achieved. I see the picture plane as a portal which beckons the viewer to enter. The oftentimes vertical orientation of my paintings suggests such a doorway.

On the subject of composition, I am of the opinion that a strong drawing is essential in creating a framework upon which my painting is structured. The application of pigment merely serves to compliment the initial drawing as an extension of drawing itself. I do not delineate a point where drawing stops and painting begins.

About Stephen Austin

Stephen attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, as well as the Atlanta College of Art. Steve worked as an editorial illustrator and graphic designer during his years in Atlanta. Steve’s illustrations were published in Georgia Trend, Business Atlanta, The Journal of Atomic Scientists and Commonweal.

During the late 90’s Steve began to direct his energies towards the development of painting and sculpture. Although this period saw limited production, Steve’s sculptural, figurative and landscape paintings and drawings were shown in Atlanta at the Opus One and Lagerquist Galleries, as well as Gallerie des Arte in Sarasota, Florida. Steve was represented in by Valkarie Gallery and is currently represented by Spark Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

Steve moved to Colorado in 2007. In 2015 Steve decided he would seek to exhibit his art. That year he entered into competition and won best of show at the annual Littleton Museum exhibit. A one-man show followed at the Littleton Museum. In 2016 Steve won second place in painting category at the annual Lone Tree Art Expo. In addition to exhibiting at Valkarie, Steve took part of a group show at the Brighton Armory in 2017 and two one-man shows, Non-linear Realities, in 2017 and The Atmosphere, in 2018.