The Atmosphere

Patterns of Nature are so irregular and fragmented…Nature exhibits not simply a higher degree but an altogether different level of complexity…The existence of these patterns challenges us to study these forms that Euclid leaves aside as being “formless,” to investigate the morphology of the “amorphous.”

Benoit Mandelbrot as quoted in a review of The Fractal Geometry of Nature by J. W. Cannon in The American Mathematical Monthly. Source: Wikipedia

  • Rise 56 x 35 OC

  • Mandelbrot Cloud 54x35 OC

  • Cloud on Vertical Axis 58x66 OC

  • Funnel Cloud 58x26 OC

    Funnel Cloud 58x26 OC

  • Stasis 58x42 OC

  • Cloud Walking 58x64 OC

  • Convection 65x57 OC